Pro Football Trials

Pro Football Trials, Pre Academy Recruitment Courses

These courses are aimed at players who want an advanced/elite level of football coaching and are ideal for players who which to be considered for pro football academies.

The aim of the course is to bridge the gap from club level football/coaching, which does not prepare players for academy football and the program is based on the European academy model pioneered by Ajax.

We aim to make players technically, tactically and physically better with the hope that if our players get a trial at a pro academy that they will be fully prepared giving them the best chance to succeed.

We also arrange matches to fully evaluate and assess the players and if we feel players are then ready for a trial with a pro academy, then we will arrange this, however we will never send a player who we do not think is ready as we don’t offer false hopes as this has a detrimental effect on young players who constantly yo yo between pro trials.

Current English Premier League and Championship academy coaches and scouts conduct training and each session you attend gives you a better chance of developing and being scouted as you will be constantly trained and assessed by pro coaches/scouts.

The European Academy Model: T.I.P.S



Close Control
Ball Manipulation



Spatial Awareness
Ability to play through balls
Positioning with and with out the ball



Good team player
Brave when under pressure
Head doesn’t drop if losing
Winning mentality
Wants to learn and improve



Speed of thought
Reads the game well
Straight line speed
Foot Speed
Speed Endurance

Sports Science Testing

This will be conducted twice a year in conjunction with our university partners and will allow us to compare your child’s score to that of pro academy players.


Elite Academy Sessions

  • Weekly Session: These will be of either 1 hour – 1.30 hour duration (age dependent)
  • Monthly Session: 3 Hours
  • Weekend Residential or non residential courses (2 x 3 hour per day sessions) at Lilleshall National Sports Centre
  • Week Long residential summer camps

Assessment/Reports/Classroom based talks

Each player receives a honest, full written assessment/report on their development and an action plan for future development.

This will include a classroom lecture on the secrets of what academy coaches and scouts look for in players and what is expected of them. We explain the academy procedure, how the 6 week trials period works, the signing process and the new EPPP ruling.

We also explain to the players what the clubs are looking for in terms of player requirements, positions, tactical, technical.

E Based Learning

  • Players web page: The web page will include details of the training program, skills and tactical areas high lighted on the course along with footage of the worlds best players past and present for you to study and learn from
  • Parents page: This can be used for your own development too and to understand what is expected from players and different stages in their age development


  • Continual Assessment/Feed back
  • Development Plan
  • Video Analysis
  • Technical/Skill Sessions
  • Tactical Sessions
  • Athletic Development
  • Classroom Lectures
  • Chance to get scouted
  • Development football matches
  • 6 x Week Course (each session is 1 hour – 1 hour 30)
  • Weekend Courses (Monthly) (3 hours)
  • Week long residential (International Soccer Camp)

Pro Football Trials

Weekly Courses:

Nottingham: Southwell

Southwell City FC, Bishops Drive, Southwell, NG25 0JP
Ages: 6 – 16 years
Friday 6 – 7pm


Sutton Coldfield/Birmingham: 

Streetly Community Centre, Foley Road East, Sutton Coldfield, B74 3JS


Ages: 5 – 6 years and U7 – U9 : 6 – 7pm

U10 – U12: 7 – 8pm

(Ages 13 – 16 years coming soon)



Ages: 4 – 13 years

Fridays : 6 – 7pm

The Kings Lodge, Watling St, Nuneaton, CV10 0TZ