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We will be looking at recruiting players from our PARC (Regional Pre Academy Recruitment Courses) to attend trials

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The side of football people don’t see and understand. It maybe holiday time here but still work and preparations on a Saturday for the session ahead. #preparations #lillerhammerfotball #fotballnorge #cifa

FC Barcelona U12's - Cruyff Philosophy & Ideology in Action!

"With proper training & coaching in place, then the Youth will learn to dominate the ball & also learn about positional play" Johan Cruyff

Enjoy & Watch the Full Clip as all 4 Moments of the game are highlighted!

Bielsa’s Leeds! Constant rotations disorient the defence, and combinations out of pressure create opportunity to progress!
#Bielsa #LUFC #Coachpaint with (@CoachPaintCH)

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New International Coaching Program

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