1-2-1 Football Coaching and Elite Training

1-2-1 Football Coaching and Small Group Coaching


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At present we work with 5 professional players including a former England International player focusing on their technical, tactical, fitness, diet and nutrition and mental preparation, and the training has also proved popular with semi professional players and players wishing to prepare for youth academy football.

We are pleased to announce the new 1-2-1 and Small Group Coaching sessions aimed at either players wishing to develop their football and maybe push for academy trials or players just wishing to improve their game.

Training in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham, Worcestershire and now West Sussex

To make a booking please click here

To make a booking please click here

Training in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham, Worcestershire and now West Sussex

Option 1 (1-2-1 Coaching)

Here we conduct the sessions based on the players age, and playing position. Sessions include:

  • Technical sessions (looking at making players far more comfortable on the ball)
  • Defending (looking at body shape, timing of tackles, spatial awareness, positioning, heading)
  • Attacking (positional awareness, forward runs, short and long passing styles, shooting/crossing techniques, link play)
  • Tactical Sessions
  • Advise on fitness and nutrition
  • Analysis on running style
  • Video Analysis of sessions
  • Excellent preparation for players wanting to go on Pro Club Trials

Or choose one or a combination of the 3 topic’s

 Tactical/Positional Training

We focus on skills and techniques that are suited to the players playing position.
We look at the players spatial awareness ability, and explain to them the importance of positioning with and without the ball.
The fitness attributes are also looked at to make sure they match the characteristics of the player and his chosen position.

Speed/Sprint Training and Fitness 

The training focuses on football related sprint practices or on the players speed endurance/fitness.
Unfortunately most people are not training correctly for the sport they play and this helps to readdress that problem.

We look at the players
  • Bio Mechanics
  • Running Style
  • Measure Fitness
  • Record Sprinting Times
  • Activities are mainly with the ball and football related

Technical/Skills Training

Here we again look at a players chosen position and work on the skills and techniques needed for that position. Does a centre half really need to be able to dribble like Ronaldo !! or is it best to focus on his ball playing ability, ability to read the game and positioning/tackling skills.
The program is slightly different for players aged 4 – 8 years where positions are yet to still be determined.

Option 2 (Player Scouting and 1-2-1)

These sessions include all of the above but we also come and match the player in a game and write a complete professional scouting report on the player and conduct the sessions based on match day observations

  • Includes watching the player in a match
  • Full scouting report of the game
  • Full written report of all sessions, including the players progress in training and action plan
  • Advice on where we think the players best position is on the pitch
  • Full diet and nutrition plan, as given out by Premier League and Championship clubs
  • Chance to get scouted and referred to a Pro Club

Cost £120 (for match/scouting/written reports)

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Option 3 (Small Group Coaching)

Here we work in a small group and allows for a lot more 1 v 1 , 2 v 1 coaching.

The main focus of the course is that we can have a great impact with players when working on a individual or small group basis, as we are able to break down and analysis a players game far more clearly.

1 v 1 work
Combination Play
Chance for players to challenge themselves against their piers
Video analysis
Recorded feedback
Action Plans
Fitness Assessment


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The benefits:

  • The training can be conducted at most training venues
  • Sessions carried out by English Premier League Youth Academy Coaches or Scouts
  • Use of video analysis
  • Written feed back and action plans
  • 1-2-1 includes athletic development and our coaches are also UKAA athletic sprints coaches
  • Fitness and diet advice
  • Technical sessions
  • Tactical sessions
  • Spatial awareness training
  • A good way to get scouted
  • 1 on 1 or small groups

Sessions are conducted by our Technical Director Russell Hullet who is a Uefa A qualified coach and also a UK Athletics  qualified sprints coach, and current Manchester United FC Scout

We currently have 1 on 1 football coaching centres available in West Sussex, Birmingham, Sutton Coldfield, and Worcestershire 

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 We now have 92 players SIGNED to Pro Clubs 

1-2-1 Football Coaching and Elite Training

1-2-1 Football Coaching and Elite Training

1-2-1 Football Coaching and Elite Training

1-2-1 Football Coaching


Sutton Coldfield


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