Free Football/Soccer Drills UK

This page is a chance for coaches to follow an age specific coaching program for their teams based on the European coaching model delivered by Cosmo Soccer coaches and pioneered by europe’s top teams including Barcelona, Bayern Munich and Ajax FC.

Here we also discuss what you should be focusing on at different ages and help you understand what players do and dont understand and different stages throughout their development.

This Months topic is passing and positional play (ages 6+)

The session below is good for all ages over 6+ through to adults, which includes a game related warm up, followed by a reveresed 4 v 2 depending on which team has possession of the ball. The session can be hard physically, so bare this in mind depending on the age range of your players.

Remember ALWAYS encourage your team to keep possession of the ball, especially your defenders, as the common sideline shout your hear from junior coaches is “Get rid” every time the ball comes near one of their defenders. Encourage playing out from the back and ban!!! long kicks from the goal keeper unless absolutely necessary.


Next session is a 8 v 6 possession game/ counter attack (Transition practice) Ages 10+


NEW Free session 11 September 2013. Losing marker, creating space, spatial awareness

Free Football/Soccer Drills UK

Free Football/Soccer Drills UK

Ages 4 – 6 Years:

Work on the fundamental basics, ABC’S (agility, balance and coordination and bring these elements into your sessions)

Always use the ball for activities and develop funs games whilst working on the fundamentals.

Balls skills with both feet i.e running with the ball, moving it with the sole of the foot (drag backs), use of inside and outside of feet, changing direction games.

Please note running with and stopping the ball is far more important than passing at this age group. Try to always use a goal in the exercises to make it more fun (see ABC practice 1)