Football Skills

Skills Coaching for January and February 2016

This video highlights the importance of a players foot speed to carry out ball skills/mastery, and these sessions will be similar to this quarters syllabus. The leading youth academies throughout Europe and S.America now place a large empathise on the development of a players technical skills , however this will only be improved if a player practices these skills in their own time and more importantly tries to execute these movements in both practice and competitive matches.

This terms skills will be focusing on using different parts of the feet, to execute close control dribbling perfected by players like Messi. In particular we will be looking at players using the soul’s of their feet, to role and drag the ball. Each term we will feature a world class player who best uses these skill’s to his advantage


Player of the month: Ronaldo (Brazilian one), PSV Eindhoven, Barcelona, Inter Milan, Real Madrid

When you talk of Ronaldo, most people automatically think of the Portuguese Ronaldo. However back in the 1990’s featured a Brazilian Ronaldo, who many wouldn’t dispute was an even better, more complete player than the modern day version.

Ronaldo played in 4 different countries and was truly great in all of them, and was a complete player, able to use all parts of his body to execute skills. His close control, skills, dribbling and general technique was sublime and managers purred at the shear talent of this player. Unfortunately a succession of knee injuries plagued his career, but he still had time to prove just what a great player he was.

For our players/students, we want you to count how many different parts of his body he uses to score or set up goals for his team mates.



Highlighted Striker: Marco Van Basten ) Ajax and AC Milan

Marco Van Basten has to be the most complete forward of the modern era. Not only could he play equally as good with both feet but he could score all kinds of goal from all ranges with both feet and head. Marco was also blessed with lightning pace and skill that was honed as a child by doing hour after hour of practice.

Marco was part of a dutch trio that also consisted of Ruud Gullit and Frank Rijkaard. The 3 players transformed AC Milan and the team dominated europe for many years and also helped Holland become the champions of Europe.

Van Basten also scored one of the greatest goals of all time against Russia in the european championship, hitting an impossible volley from an impossible angle, just one of many class goals from a truly world class player


Football Skills

Football Skills

Football Skills


Skills This Term

Close Control Dribbling

Executing skills using different parts of your feet

Focus on rolling and dragging ball with the souls of your feet

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