Football Coaching Ages 4+


Cosmo Soccer Academy partners with

West Bromwich Albion FC

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We are pleased to announce that Cosmo Soccer Academy have partnered with West Bromwich Albion FC, following the success of our coaching program that now has 82 players signed to professional youth academies.

The link also sees our Technical Director Russell Hullett leaving his recruitment position at Aston Villa FC, and joining the team at West Bromwich Albion as a Regional Recruitment Manager and also responsible for looking at new International Development/Recruitment.

The partnership will allow players in our program a fast track route into a highly ambitious Premier League club and an excellent Youth Academy that has already produced some top first team players including Premier League top scorer Saido Berahino.

We will be looking at recruiting players from our PARC ( Regional Pre Academy Recruitment Courses, National and international PARC courses) to attend attend trials with WBA.

Could you be the next Saido Berahino

West Bromwich Albion v Newcastle United - Premier League

Would you send your child to school to be taught by a lowly qualified or unqualified teacher? The answer is simple “NO WAY”

Well that’s what happens when you send your child to most soccer organisations for their early years experience.

In European and S. American academies it’s now been agreed and common practice at professional clubs that their most qualified and experienced coaches now work with the younger age groups which is the reverse to what happens at most English organisations but not here at Cosmo Soccer. The golden age of learning for children is 4 – 11 years.

The coaching program is based on the European academy system pioneered by Ajax FC and now adopted by Barcelona FC. Our academy staff all of which have either worked at, or currently work at pro academies conducts the sessions, ensuring your child gets the best development possible.

Due to this, it also means your child has the chance to get talent spotted and any talented players will be considered for trials at a professional club.


  • Coaching by UEFA A and B Qualified Academy level European coaches and Scouts
  • Lots of small sided games, 1v1  2 v 2, 3 v 3 and 4 v 4
  • Learn all the latest ball skills
  • Focus on making individuals Technically better through more time Spent with the ball
  • 1 ball per player
  • Fundamental A,B,Cs applied Agility, Balance, Coordination training
  • Athletic development program
  • Focus on player development and fun games, practices
  • Smaller groups
  • Chance to get scouted by our professional scouts and coaches
  • Weekly or twice weekly 1 hour long sessions
  • Video analysis
  • Feed back and development plan
  • Training based on the world famous Barcelona and Ajax program
  • Coaching by our Technical Director and UEFA A advanced, Dutch International licensed qualified coach and premier league scout

 The European Academy Model: T.I.P.S



Close Control
Ball Manipulation



Spatial Awareness
Ability to play through balls
Positioning with and with out the ball



Good team player
Brave when under pressure
Head doesn’t drop if losing
Winning mentality
Wants to learn and improve



Speed of thought
Reads the game well
Straight line speed
Foot Speed
Speed Endurance

E Based Learning

  • Players web page: The web page will include details of the training program, skills and tactical areas high lighted on the course along with footage of the worlds best players past and present for you to study and learn from
  • Parents page: This can be used for your own development too and to understand what is expected from players and different stages in their age development

Football Coaching Ages 4+

Football Coaching Ages 4+

Football Coaching Ages 4+

Nottingham: Southwell
Southwell City FC, Bishops Drive, Southwell, NG25 0JP
Friday 6 – 7pm

Ages 4 – 12

Sutton Coldfield/Birmingham: Streetly Community Centre
Foley Road East, Streetly, Sutton Coldfield, B74 3HR
Saturdays 9 – 10am

Ages 4 – 8

Derby: Alvaston
Alvaston Infant School, Elvaston Lane, Derby, DE24 0PU
Saturday 9.30 – 10.30

Ages 4 – 8

NEW Courses Tamworth (starts July 2014)

Elford, Brickhouse Lane, Elford, Tamworth B79 9DE

Ages 4 – 11 years

Coming Soon: Aston, Tamworth/Atherstone/Nuneaton, Bromsgrove

Soccer Camps

Nottingham: Southwell
Southwell Leisure Centre, Nottingham Road, Southwell, NG25 0LG

Ages 5 – 12 years